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Insider – October 2012

Welcome to your October newsletter. Auto-enrolment is finally kicking off and this month will...

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Estate Planning

That you should leave something behind for loved ones is a gratifying thought, whatever...

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Tax and Your Business

Tax and your business Don’t miss out on tax planning opportunities. Planning for the...

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Real Time Information Reporting: Help or Hindrance for Employers?

The introduction of real time information (RTI) reporting has been hailed as the biggest...

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Cost Cutting for Charities with Top Tech Tips

Introduction Information Technology plays an increasingly important role in every organisation. Charities and the Third Sector are no exception, but with reducing budgets and increasing costs, it is very tempting to cut back on ICT investment. However, even in these difficult times bargains are still available and many ICT     companies are willing to help … Continued

Student Support

At this time of the year with A level results pending the scramble to submit Student Support Assessment forms intensifies.  There have been substantial changes to the Student Support area over the last few years and it is worth having a look at what is now available.  Providing financial support to a child in third … Continued

Inheritance Tax given a boost!

With effect from April 6, charitable giving was given a boost by means of extra Inheritance Tax (IHT) relief. Essentially, where you leave at least 10% of your estate to one or more registered charities, the IHT rate payable on the balance of your estate will be reduced by 10%, i.e. from 40% to 36%.  … Continued

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