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Improving Cashflow

Improving cashflow Nobody ever plans a cashflow crisis, yet they occur with alarming frequency...

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December 2013 Insider

The Insider: December 2013 Welcome to your December newsletter. In this issue, we look...

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Charity Taxation

Charity taxation If you are involved with running a charity, you should be aware...

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Insider: November 2013

Insider: November 2013 This month, we look at the UK businesses who are forgetting...

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Reducing Personal Tax Liability

Reducing personal tax liability This guide is intended to help you with your 2013/14 financial and tax planning.   Nobody wants to pay more tax than is necessary and good tax planning is an essential component of personal financial planning. Everyone’s situation is different and tax rates, allowances and legislation change every year. Here are … Continued

Reducing Company Tax Liability

Reducing company tax liability   This guide is intended to help you with your 2013/14 company tax planning   Managing a company always presents challenges, whatever the economic climate. Currently, a seemingly recovering economy offers opportunity to some business owners whilst remaining challenging for many. While some corporate balance sheets are awash with cash many … Continued

Regulation and rate changes

Most new regulations affecting businesses come into force on ‘common commencement dates’ in April and October each year. The Government’s commitment to reducing the regulatory burden on businesses is being enforced with three key ideas: One-in-One-Out Departments and ministers have to justify any increases in the cost of regulation by finding savings of at least … Continued

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