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Upcoming Seminar for New Starts

Upcoming Seminar for New Starts

As a new start business there is a lot coming at you. The aim...

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Calling All New Starts

You can count on M.B McGrady & Co! Book your FREE appointment with M.B....

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National Insurance Planning

An overview of the types of national insurance and advice on how to make...

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Personal Financial Planning

No one should be without a financial plan. Read our guide to get started. Achieving your financial goals is made harder when you don’t have a plan laid out on paper. Without a timescale, a sense of priority and an idea of how you will use your money in the future, how can you be … Continued

Insider September 2016

Apprenticeship funding proposals announced Employers with 50 employees or fewer will have up to 100% of their apprenticeship training costs funded by the government. The government has announced more details about its apprenticeship programme and the funding that will be available to businesses that take on apprentices. The proposals relate to the reform of apprentice … Continued

Get a £5,000 Innovation Voucher from Invest NI

You could be eligible for a £5,000 voucher to get expert help to do something new. Interested? If yours is a small or medium-sized* business you can apply for an innovation voucher from Invest NI to ‘purchase’ specialist knowledge. This will help you to develop solutions to business issues, or improve or create products, services and … Continued

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