CCH Insurance Policy

Man with Umbrella in a field with other umbrellas in tyGiven the significant rise in the number of investigations being carried out, the likelihood and possible cost of experiencing an investigation, is increasing.

The handling of a tax investigation can be expensive with costs running into thousands of pounds. M. B. McGrady & Co offers an insurance policy against such investigations, called CCH Insurance.

In the event of an investigation, under the terms of the insurance, M. B. McGrady & Co will handle the investigation for no extra cost. This also covers:

• PAYE & VAT Disputes

• PAYE & VAT Compliance Visits

• Directors Tax Returns

In addition the insurance policy also gives clients unlimited access to a FREE helpline which provides the following services:

• Free Human Resources advice on employment legislation

• Free advice on Health and Safety

• Free Legal advice on other business issues

For more information on how the CCH Insurance scheme can benefit you and your business please contact us here at M.B. McGrady &Co.