Instructions on how to create government gateway account

The government gateway ID to access the self-employment grant cannot be setup by us. It must be completed by you personally.

Some clients are having difficulty setting up their government gateways, here is a step by step guide:

  1. Go to HMRC’s login page.
  2. Click the GREEN sign in button.
  3. Click “Create sign in details”
  4. Enter your email address where asked.
  5. You will now be emailed a confirmation code. …use this code to confirm your email address.
  6. Enter your full name
  7. Create a password
  8. Set up a recovery word
  9. You will now be issued with a User ID for your government gateway account – you need this to sign in.

To sign into your government gateway account, you may then be required to set up additional security for HMRC to send an access code to for you to sign in by one of the following:

  • Text message
  • Voice code
  • Authentication code for smartphone or tablet

You may also then be asked to confirm who you are- First name, last name, NI number and Date Of Birth

Finally, you may be asked to confirm your identity with one of the following options:

UK Driving Licence (NOT NI)

UK Passport (NOT IRISH)

Multiple choice security question e.g. when did you last take out a new credit card/ current account/mobile phone contract

The questions to confirm your identity appear to be where most clients are having difficulty. If you do not pass security, HMRC will ask you to phone them.

Further information and a link to set up your Government Gateway ID is below.