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Value Added Tax

Value added tax We take a look at developments with VAT since our last...

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HR Update: Summer 2013

HR Update: Summer 2013 In this update, we focus on employee engagement best practice...

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Insider – July 2013

Insider – July 2013 Welcome to your July newsletter. This month, we look at...

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Insider June 2013

Welcome to your June newsletter. This month, we take a look at the proposed...

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Successful Retirement Planning

This guide looks at some important considerations when planning for income in retirement. Many people spend time thinking about what retirement might look like financially, and this is particularly important now given the stock market recovery we have seen in 2013, albeit against the background of a sluggish economy and continuing low interest rates. Pension … Continued

Company Car Taxation

This guide focuses on company car tax rules and how tax legislation is being used to encourage businesses to acquire more environmentally-friendly vehicles. The provision of a company car is normally a taxable benefit for an employee or a director. The company car benefit charge for a full year is calculated by multiplying the price … Continued

Tax Efficient Savings and Investments

Tax efficient savings and investments With interest rates at rock bottom and with people now saving more, we look here at a range of tax advantaged savings options. Pension savings The Government encourages pension savings by providing tax relief on pension contributions. Tax relief reduces your tax bill and/or increases your pension fund. The profits … Continued

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