Capital gains tax planning

A guide to capital gains tax and allowances for 2016/17. Selling something you own for more than you originally bought it for is the basis of doing ‘good business’ in terms of both personal and business finance. Depending on the profit that an individual or organisation makes on the sale of their asset, they may … Continued

Auto-enrolment for businesses

A guide to staying compliant with auto-enrolment. Auto-enrolling employees into a workplace pension scheme is a legal requirement for all businesses, from those employing hundreds to those with 1 or 2 people on the payroll. Over 6 million workers have been enrolled since 2012, with a further 1.8 million due over the next 2 years … Continued

Experts in our field: Focus on Agri

What are the key issues facing farmers in today’s economy? How can dairy farmers be mindful of their accounts in the coming months? How can farmers plan for business succession with regards to bringing family members into the business? How can farmers and business owners avail of a grant through the Farm Business Improvement Scheme? … Continued

Running a company car scheme

A guide to setting up a company car scheme and the tax implications of doing so. A company car is something that can benefit both employers and employees, provided you plan accordingly. Important questions to ask yourself are: what kind of car should you choose? how are you going to fund it? how many employees … Continued

Estate Planning

A guide to making sure that your estate goes to the right people when you die. Effective estate planning ensures that your property and/or possessions go to the people you choose when you die. It can also be financially beneficial to the recipients of your estate as it can reduce the amount of tax paid … Continued

Succession planning for a family business

A guide to transferring a business to a family member. There are more than 3 million family businesses in the UK, which between them employ more than 9 million people and contribute 15% to GDP. Despite these successes, family businesses often experience difficulties when it comes to passing their businesses to younger generations. Research has … Continued

Personal Tax Planning

A guide to reducing an individual’s tax liability. The overriding aim of all personal tax planning is to legally reduce the amount of tax paid on an individual’s income. This income can come from a number of sources and the tax reduction strategies available will be based on the reliefs and allowances applicable to each … Continued

Insider April 2016

Lack of management skills limit business growth A lack of leadership and management skills may be inhibiting the growth of businesses. Just under half of new start-ups in the UK last less than 3 years. The UK also has a growing productivity gap, currently 18% below the G7 average. A report by the Federation of … Continued

Budget Report 2016

Please click on the link below to view the 2016 Budget Report Budget Report

Residence and domicile

A guide to understanding the terms residence and domicile as well as their legal and tax implications. A large part of a person’s legal identity is based upon where they live at any one time and how long they will be staying there. If you stay in the UK for a prolonged period of time, … Continued