Retirement Planning

An introduction to using your resources to ensure you get the retirement you want. What do you want your life to be like when you pass retirement age? Are you looking forward to the end of your working life as a time to take on new projects or to simply relax after 40 plus years … Continued

Choosing a Business Structure

An introduction to the most common types of businesses: sole traders, limited companies and partnerships. After the start of a brand new year, changing something about the way you do business can make you feel like you’ve turned a new page. This could be anything from launching a new product or service, redesigning your company … Continued

Insider January 2016

Preparing for the national living wage The national living wage (NLW) of £7.20 an hour for workers aged 25 and over will come into effect on 1 April 2016. The national minimum wage will continue to apply to all other eligible workers. Although April may seem like a long way off, there are steps employers … Continued

Minimising Inheritance Tax

A guide to changes to the inheritance tax nil-rate band and strategies to reduce your liability. We all like to think that our nearest and dearest will lament our passing with fond memories. It would be sad to think that after the initial period of mourning has passed, kind words turn to bewilderment when your … Continued


The what, when, how and why of completing your self-assessment tax return. At the end of the year, most people have other things on their minds than tax returns. It would be a stretch to say it’s an enjoyable experience, but getting self-assessment done and dusted as early as possible removes the stress of a … Continued

Insider December 2015

Higher stamp duty rates for buy-to-let property Stamp duty land tax (SDLT) on additional properties such as buy-to-let investments and second homes will be 3 percentage points higher than current SDLT from April 2016. Corporate properties and properties in Scotland (which are subject to land and building transaction tax) are not affected by the new … Continued

Choosing an employee share scheme

A guide to the advantages, potential problems and types of share schemes available to employees. The number of businesses that offer employee share schemes has doubled since 2000, according to HMRC. Giving employees the chance to invest in their company can help an employer improve retention, attract staff and raise funds. For employees, there’s the … Continued

Property & Tax

A guide to tax when buying, renting out and selling property. When the Chancellor George Osborne announced that he was curbing tax breaks for landlords in Summer Budget 2015, there was speculation that it would result in thousands of landlords selling up and getting out of the property business. This was because the changes would … Continued

Insider November 2015

Private sector businesses hit record number The number of private sector businesses has reached a new record of 5.4 million, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has announced. There are now 900,000 more businesses compared to 2010, while the number of businesses that employ people has also risen by 35,000 from 2014. Small businesses … Continued

Running a Payroll

This guide looks at some of the common payroll problems and choosing payroll software. Running payroll is one of the less glamorous aspects of being an employer. However, it is often the mundane tasks that are the most crucial. Failing to pay your staff would quickly lead to a very unhappy workforce. While neglecting your … Continued